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Ganz Klasse!

Taking inspiration from the best boutique stores in Munich and Salzburg, Ganz Klasse! seeks to evoke the rich beauty of Bavaria:  Lush fabrics, porcelain, oil paintings, reproductions, classic home furnishings and German, International and Natural/Organic foods.  After visiting, you will not help but exclaim “Ganz Klasse!” (literally "Very Classy!" in German; "You're Awesome!" in English vernacular).

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Our Owners...

Owner Michael H. Molohon spent nearly twenty years in the antique and retail business in Germany and California before settling in Leavenworth in 1990.  In 2002, he and partner Tim Gubsch launched Ganz Klasse! to represent the true spirit of the tradition that is “Bavaria”.

Michael has served on both the Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce Board and Leavenworth City Council.  Tim is a church musician and volunteers at Mountain Meadows Senior Living Campus.  In their spare time, they enjoy local theater, opera, fine dining and travel, especially to Bavaria and Europe in general.


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